Buying Hi-Fi class audio equipment for a home theater or listening to music, you do not at all get the guarantee of its good sound in your home. Why? Because each room has its own acoustics, and sometimes it is not consistent with the sound of technology. What to do? Sound installation. It will be discussed. Any equipment reproducing multichannel high-quality sound is tested under the conditions of an ideal acoustic laboratory, the internal acoustics of which cannot be compared with those rooms in which it subsequently works. And the manufacturer of the components of the audio equipment, however, like the seller, is not at all interested in the further fate of the implemented equipment, and how it sounds in a particular space. But this is not their job, but the installers. Changing the conditions of sound propagation in a particular room is a very difficult and sometimes expensive job, and therefore a room for listening to sound is the most expensive link in a high-quality sound reproducing system.

As a rule, one of the rooms in an apartment or a house is allocated for a home theater or concert hall, and it is in it, in full compliance with the laws of audio installation, that a special reconstruction is carried out.

good sound architecture

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