Band Members

We don’t do small – we’re an 9 piece (full rhythm section and 4 horns) function band with bags of energy and a great stage presence. Check out the rogues gallery!….

Emma - Vocals

Emma is the bands vocalist and has a wide range of experience singing in function bands around the world. She’s the manager for a chain of bars and restaurants in Yorkshire and knows how to whip a crowd up into a frenzy. Sometimes also to be found on stage wearing purple thigh high boots.

Ed - Drum Kit

Ed, or Balls to his friends, is the bands driving force. You’ll find him at the back with a smelly purple towel that has not been washed for over 10 years. Thankfully, his drumming is better than his washing abilities. Ed also plays for his own band Day Old Hate, and can regularly be seen out an about gigging across Yorkshire.

Jonathan - Keyboards

Jonathan has every patch under the sun on his array of keyboards and can make every tune sound authentic. He’s also a designer and engineer of pro audio products so he really should know what sounds good!

Nick - Guitar

Nick is the band’s genuine nice guy. He’s a regular in the music scene in and around Harrogate and can be seen playing for all sorts of bands. Alongside being the band’s guitarist, he loves throwing in the occasional backing vocal too.

Dan - Bass Guitar

Dan is a man of class, taste and a drinker of only expensive champagne, although we’re still yet to see it. Son of a musical legend, Dan owns his own recording studio in Harrogate and has recorded for some of the biggest names in the UK.

Nathan - Trumpet

Nathan is also the bands minder and in his spare time enjoys horse riding, knitting and playing recorder. Although he may look like he has the pace of a sloth, just wait until you see him move when we play Proud Mary.

Nick - Trumpet

We don’t like to do things by halves at Em and Them so we have 2 trumpet players to make it even louder and funkier. Nick is Mr Cool, although get him excited and he might even break into the moonwalk.

Craig - Trombone

Craig has an interest in all things musical and can be found by day working as a music teacher in a local school. In his spare time, he’s a massive nerd and enjoys flying model airplanes, visiting galleries and being told exactly what to do by his new wife.

Stuart - Saxophone

Stuart is the bands madman and chief choreographer and can blow the horn like you’ve never heard before. He’s also the owner of one of the biggest and best woodwind shops in the UK.